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Glenn Watson is a graduate of Newark and Sherwood College England, where he received a Diploma in making and repairing woodwind instruments. While at Newark he acquired the skills to make Bohm system clarinets and carried out repair work on many instruments of the woodwind family including flute, saxophone, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.

Analysis and study of other woodwinds has been of great assistance in the development of Glennís flutes. He was also privileged to spend some time working with the great Pipe and Flute maker, Dave Williams, whose help and advice has been invaluable. His interest in making simple system wooden flutes was originally sparked by his playing of traditional Irish music, but he was also drawn by the skill and craftsmanship involved in the making of fine musical instruments.


Glenn pays great attention to detail and the quality of his work is of the highest standards. He is an active member of the Irish traditional music scene and is a regular player at pub sessions in the west of Ireland.